A question that I get often is, ‘Should we buy a house or a condo?’ What is most important to you? Give consideration to the following:

Budget – How much do you have to spend? Depending on where you want to live, a condo may be the only option that meets your budget.

Location – Where do you want to be? Are there options for both condos and single-family houses in this area?

Privacy – Is it important to you to have complete privacy or do you find close neighbors to be a comfort?

Responsibility – Do you need total control over decisions affecting your home or are you attracted to the idea of sharing decision-making with your neighbors?

Maintenance – Are you a homebody who enjoys getting dirty in the yard or are you delighted with the idea of never having to cut a blade of grass again?

Tenant option- sometimes you can buy a house that brings in additional income through a basement rental apartment.


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