Hiba Kamal specializes in Toronto investment properties, and as a local Real Estate agent, she offers her clients the commitment, dedication and quality research that results in profitable real estate purchases. With years of experience in risk aversion, Hiba understands the needs of her clients and by addressing their goals, she's able to give responsive and knowledgeable real estate advice.

Regardless of whether you are considering residential or commercial properties, Toronto is one of the top and best real estate investment markets in North America. For Investors, Toronto is a healthy example of increasing demand and limited supply. With rising property values due to an increasing population, national and international interest and limited land mass, property owners in Toronto have high yields and substantial insulation from unexpected market changes.

Keeping in mind that supply and demand is not consistent throughout the city.  Investment potential varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even if you are considering 2 similar buildings or 2 similar apartments, one property might make a better investment than the other.

Hiba's customized services include:

Goal Analysis – By completing a straightforward goal analysis, extensively analysing your needs and creating a customized portfolio, Hiba will know which investment options produce the highest IRR (Internal Rate of Return). She will gather information before showing properties, so your time is spent wisely.

Exclusive or Premium Properties – Considering not all properties are posted on the MLS system, Hiba offers an extensive list of investment opportunities that are only accessible to a few Real Estate experts in Toronto and the GTA.

Comparative Market Analysis – Since CMA’s are about facts which can be qualified and quantified, it takes a skilled professional to be able to define it. Hiba will provide you with information of how each property compares to the rest of the Toronto real estate investment market.

Negotiations – As one of the key factors in purchasing investment properties, the purchase price is one of the most controllable variables. It is essential to cut costs significantly. Hiba will put her experience and skills to work when negotiating on your behalf.

External Services – As an investment Realtor, Hiba has access to some of the best mortgage bankers, Real Estate and Immigration Lawyers and skilled contractors. Rest assured, you will be referred to an external team of specialized agents that will save you time and money.

Rental Property Management Services – Investing in a rental property should be stress free, and it can be with the use of a professional and personal Management Company like HK Properties Real Estate Group. Since 2008 HK Properties Real Estate Group has provided exceptional and reliable Rental Management Services throughout Toronto and the GTA.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced Property Management Company to take the hassle and stress out of owning rental properties, call 416-817-2422 or fill out the quick contact for to the right of the screen for a quick response.


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